I am a vain man.  I don’t like hats. They mess up my hair, so I almost never wear them. Walking to the train station the other day though, I discovered a temperature where fear of necrosis trumps vanity. At -11º, any bare skin is pretty much a candidate for an early death.

I was actually pretty surprised at how different covered vs. non-covered skin felt at this temperature. Since I usually don’t wear hats, my ears are always exposed to whatever’s going on. After a few minutes of walking in the cold this morning, I thought I actually might lose feeling in my ears if I didn’t put my hood up.

Moving on to other body parts, I have these very warm gloves I bought at the Philly Christmas market a few years ago. Because of the velcro on my wallet, the fabric on the left hand glove’s thumb is pulling away. This morning, when for a second my thumb slipped through the fabric, it was almost instantaneously like, holy shit, this bitch is cold.

So, here’s your lesson for -11º: wear some shit.

Brr! The Schuylkill River is frozen! (Photo by @iamracerexx)

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This apparently also happens at -11º.


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