There’s not a lot of difference between -15° and -16°. You don’t really get as much, if any, of the freezing nostril thing at -15°. Otherwise, it’s still pretty damn cold. But something I have been noticing with the snowstorms we’ve gotten thanks to the still-absurdly-named polar vortex is that the mornings after, the snow is still pretty much covering the roads. It’s not slushy yet, you can barely see any black, if you can see through it at all.



Basically, salt doesn’t work at temperatures this low. A guy from PA’s department of transportation says:

“‘Shoveling is not a pleasant exercise when wind chills are below zero, and road salt becomes less effective in pavement temperatures below [-9.5º*]’, said Nick Martino, a PennDot maintenance manager.”

* Temperature changed to C. Come on.

Wind at this temperature still sucks. Fact.


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