Monthly Archives: February 2014

Guest Temperature: 26º


It’s hard to take a picture of hot, but stare into that for a few minutes and you’ll get a sense of what 26º feels like. I went to get lunch at a food truck again today, and there were definitely fewer pedestrians walking around in the sun today compared to the other day when it was 17º. Though there were a lot of other people getting food truck too, the people who sat around and ate it were mostly under umbrellas or otherwise in the shade. It got uncomfortably warm pretty quickly just sitting there with nothing over your head. Definitely no hoody required today.



Guest Temperature: 17º

I should probably feel guilty for writing this post. It’s 2º and blizzarding in Philadelphia, but that’s not where I’m at. I’m in Austin this week, where today I experienced 17º for the first time in months. The past few days it’s been more like it has been back East, with freezing drizzle a few days, which made Austin seem pretty sad and empty. But it turns out that when it hits about 17º, people come back outside (in Texas, anyway). It’s an awesome temperature to eat at a food truck and sit outside to get some work done. In fact I’m WFP (Working From Porch) right now. It’s breezy, so a light hoody’s not a bad idea, but it’s definitely not chilly anymore. Combined with pretty low humidity, I can see why this is basically an amazing temperature to get outside.



Sorry, Philly.

So the fact that it can even snow at 1º is funny, given that 0º is the freezing point of water. But while it might be 1º on the ground, it’s colder in the sky. So it snows, but not like when it’s -5º or -10º. When it’s that cold, you get this nice powdery snow that glistens. When it snows at 1º, you get this.


It’s a slushtastrophe. It’s wet, heavy. Waterlogged. It almost instantly gets into a state where it looks like it’s been sitting around for three days. The flakes are huge, heavy with semifrozen liquid.